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The Goldlion Pierre Cardin Leather was Blacklisted

Southern Daily (Reporter / Correspondent Europe Chi Kwai / of Yue Zhixuan) Goldlion belts, wallets of sunshine house Pierre Cardin Wallet, Paul Rand Trolley Case 18 kinds of leather products. Yesterday, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released Guangdong leather product quality sampling results, ten percent products are not qualified . According to reports, the spot checks found the CHARRIOL wallet, Guy Laroche leather female folder, Pierre Cardin wallet and other 5 batches of substandard products free of formaldehyde, the experts pointed out that excessive formaldehyde can affect human health. The main reason for the failed enterprise of raw materials into the plant control is lax or production process, but off.Replica Handbags And Shoes Another 10 batches the rubbing fastness failed, leather products will be easy bleaching, will color dye to clothes, affecting both beautiful and influence the use. The main reason for the failed production enterprise procurement dyeing process, but off or use inferior dye the leather as raw materials. In addition, GIORDANO of a handbag batches suture strength failed. According to experts, suture strength assessment back bags are durable, can main indicators of normal weight, if this failure will cause back bag suture location of cracking, so that can not be used. The main reason for failure is poor fabric and stitching or sewing process is not appropriate. Replica Handbags And Shoes
20.9.12 11:05


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